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Acquire customers, grow revenue and advance cash flows

WyzePay creates greater customer loyalty

WyzePay is a new digital payment platform that allows retailers to issue their own digital coins.

Customers pay you in advance for your coins. And in return you give them more spending power with you.

Generate more revenue, engagement and loyalty

So you get the benefits of having committed sales, building customer loyalty and having direct engagement with your customers. And your customer gets more for their money, a win-win for all.


Purchase coins from retailers in advance


Receive extra coins in return


Use your coins with participating retailers

It’s simple to get started


Give us your details

Enter your name and company information

We'll carry out a verification check

You'll receive an email within 24 hours

Initialize your account

Setup your username and password and get access to the Retailer Portal


Set your coin value

Upload your coins and set your discount levels

Integrate with POS

You'll receive an email within 24 hours

Connect to your bank account

Link your account with WyzePay

Get seamless integration

Integrate with leading payment systems and accountancy software

We want to make sure that WyzePay integrates seamlessly into your business. We have integrated into the most widely used accounting software so you can track your business and also have developed a very simple payment method that works alongside the existing POS systems.

Stay informed

—in real-time

Our Retailer Portal gives you powerful pricing tools and access to the data you need.

Retailers can set the desired discounts in the Retailer Portal and then issue their own digital currency or ‘coins’.

The Retailer Portal provides customer insights and also detailed analytics related to coins that are in circulation.

Questions for the Wyze Retailers

Registration is straight forward and hassle free with three simple steps

  1. Once at our website at the relevant registration page simply provide us the name or company number of your business and the contact details of a registered official of the business

  2. We will then ask you to agree to our terms and conditions

  3. Set up a user-name and password, we’ll give you access to the Retailer Portal and then you are good to go!

As a retail customer of WyzePay you get access to the Retailer Portal where you can manage your WyzePay account. On the homepage of the Portal you will find a very simple pricing tool that will enable you to set and manage your discounts and offers.

We will provide you with a very small device that enables contactless payments, and an App that will need to be downloaded onto your POS hardware (this is very easy to do).

When the customer comes to pay they simply use their Wyzepay app to pay by touching the Wyzepay device and confirming the amount.

We have integrated into the most widely used accounting software so you can track your business

WyzePay is super smart and built using blockchain technology, when a customer buys your coin we create a transaction on our blockchain that can not be changed.

When the customer redeems their coin with you, we use the same blockchain technology to ensure everything balances and the customer can not spend more than they have bought with you.

When customers use WyzePay to buy your Coins and provide you with advanced sales and cash flow we take a small transaction fee which is invisible to your customers. The current transaction fee is 2%.

This is not currently possible, the customer does have an alternative to transfer a balance of their coins to another user, but as far as you the retailer is concerned once the transaction is complete, and coins purchased it is non-refundable.

You simply stop issuing new coins. You will need to continue to accept any coins previously issued until there are no longer any in circulation.

– Data is managed using AES-256 encryption

– All communication between your phone and WyzePay is encrypted using TLSv1.2 256 bit encryption. This means that your communication is secure from man in the middle attacks or unsecured networks

Any problems simply email us and a member of our team will be in touch asap to address your issues, our email address for help and support is support@wyzepay.com

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