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The prepayment app that enables you to enjoy discounts at your favourite retailers

WyzePay is the new smarter way to pay

Say hello to more spending power

Buy coins

Purchase coins from retailers in advance

Get more

Receive extra coins in return


Use your coins with participating retailers

It’s easy to get started with WyzePay

Get up and running in minutes. Download the app and you'll be on the way to Wyzer savings in no time.

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Simply download the app


Buy Coins

Convert your money into Retailer Coins



Spend your coins with participating retailers



Sit back and enjoy more spending power

Join the payment platform for forward thinkers


Make your money go further


Simple to use and easy to set up app


State-of-the-art encrypted technology


Get behind your favourite local high street retailers

It’s all on the app and in your wallet

It allows your favorite local high street retailers to issue their own digital currency or ‘coins’.

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Super Smart

—Super Secure

Personal Data

We don't store your name, email address or any unnecessary personal data on our servers.


The WyzePay app and your private key are only accessible through your pin or biometrics.


All data is secured using AES-256 encryption.

Questions for the Wyze

This is super straight forward process

  1. Download the WyzePay app from either the App Store or the Play Store (Note currently we only offer Android and IOS compatible apps)

  2. Enter your mobile number where prompted

  3. Set up a PIN number and we will send you a Passcode via SMS

  4. Enter the passcode in the app and you are good to go!

– Simply navigate to the marketplace screen in your Wyzepay app

– Locate by scrolling down your favourite merchant or retailer

– Click on retailer and use the handy slider to understand what discount they are prepared to offer you based on how many coins you are prepared to purchase

– Once happy with the offer click buy and you are good to go

We charge the retailers a very small transaction fee when customers purchase their coins.It’s like a credit card or debit card fee and the customer is charged nothing!

This is not currently possible, although you do have the option of transferring your coins to someone else. So when purchasing the coin bear this is mind.

– We don’t store your name, email address or any unnecessary personal data on our servers

– Data is managed using AES-256 encryption

– All communication between your phone and WyzePay is encrypted using TLSv1.2 256 bit encryption. This means that your communication is secure from man in the middle attacks or unsecured networks

– All in store spending is controlled by a private key in your phone that no one else ever has access to

– The WyzePay app and your private key are only accessible through your pin or biometrics

In the event this happens, Wyzepay would not currently be in a position to refund you the outstanding balance. You should therefore consider this risk when buying you coin for the discounts that are on offer.

Become a WyzePay retailer

The payment platform for more loyalty, more engagement and more cash-flow.

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